Seven Steps to Seven Falls

Workshop to accompany performance of Seven Falls by Teresa Brayshaw & Karen Christopher

Over two 3-hour sessions led by Karen Christopher, the workshop participants took seven steps to be ready to perform within the structure of the promenade performance duet Seven Falls.

The contribution of the workshop group was to take the form of an intervention, an echo, a commentary or some other kind of action conceived during the workshop by the performers themselves. Broadly speaking, the seven steps were: 1) become familiar with the existing Seven Falls material, 2) compose responses singly and in groups, 3) consider a variety of forms the responses might take, 4) reconsider, 5) recombine, 6) negotiate final decisions, 7) refine final contributions.

Participants of this workshop presented the fruits of their collaborative negotiations and creative compositions as part of the performance of Seven Falls at 3pm on 27 May 2017. This performance took place outdoors.

Workshops: 23 and 26 May 2017, followed by public performance 27 May 2017, Chisenhale Dance Space, London (as part of TWOFOLD)