a festival of duet performances

The first phase of my company’s work was a multi-year project, The Difference Between Home and Poem: a series of duets. Each project in this series was jointly made, directed and performed by myself and another artist, with each duet functioning as research into methods of collaboration without a single director. The TwoFold festival was an opportunity to share all the duet projects made up to that point, alongside duet collaborations by other artists, a symposium on issues around working in pairs, and workshops.

TwoFold took place at Chisenhale Dance Space, London, and included:

* three studio performances — So Below, Control Signal and miles & miles — presented in double bills alongside duet projects by other artists: Joe Kelleher and Eirini Kartsaki; R. Justin Hunt & Johanna Linsley; and Dan Watson with Matthew Winston;
* the outdoor performance, Seven Falls;
* two programmes of duet lectures/talks, including Karen’s collaborations with Lucy Cash, Chris Goode and Rajni Shah;
* public workshops; and
* a related symposium on duet practices at Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre, London.

More information on Chisenhale Dance Space website.
A number of Blog entries were written in response to the TwoFold festival.
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Performance History 

TwoFold performances and workshops: March to May 2017

TwoFold: the Particularities of Working in Pairs (symposium): 3 & 4 March 2017