Seven Falls

Teresa Brayshaw & Karen Christopher

Seven Falls involves water and gravity, is other worldly, and integrates song and rhythm. Starting with a series of conversations, we found ourselves surrounded by many histories and personal experiences of water. This performance is the record of where we went when we looked under the surface of the water all around us. Purposely working together both in person and at a remove (we are based in different parts of the UK), the piece is intended in part to reflect the drift employed in our perforated process.

Teresa Brayshaw is a teacher, a writer, a theatre maker and a Feldenkrais practitioner. She currently works part of her time as a Principal Lecturer and Head of Cultural Partnerships in the School of Film Music and Performing Arts at Leeds Beckett University. Her practice involves performing, directing, collaborating and setting up local, regional and international partnerships. She is working towards establishing a centre for wellbeing, performance development and happiness.

Seven Falls forms part of The Difference Between Home and Poem: a duet series. Each project in the series is jointly made, directed and performed by Karen Christopher and another artist.

Information sheet here.

Performance History 

27 May 2017, Chisenhale Dance Space, London, as part of TwoFold, including the Seven Steps to Seven Falls workshop

8 November 2015, Experimentica15, Chapter Art Centre, Cardiff

8 June 2013, ACT Festival Bilbao

4 May 2012, GIFT, Gateshead International Festival of Theatre



Excerpts from documentation video of Seven Falls performance at GIFT festival May 2012, Baltic Square, Gateshead.