Project Description

Quiet (A Disruptive Fog (or a hogshead full of vapor called memory))

A collaboration between Mark Booth (sound artist), Karen Christopher (movement artist) and John W. Sisson, Jr. (photographer)

Mark Booth, Karen Christopher, and John W. Sisson, Jr. developed and presented this collaborative multi-media work, combining movement, speech, video projection and images with live sound. The work explored memorials, collections, seeds, synesthesia, time, dreams, and memories (both imagined and real).

This project was supported by the 2008 Crosscut Program, a partnership of Experimental Sound Studio and Links Hall, Chicago.

Michael Langhoff wrote about Quiet ( . . . ( . . . )) in Chicago Art Magazine

Performance History

23 January 2010, Epiphany Episcopal Church, Chicago, USA



missing words text, audio with still image from Quiet ( . . . ( . . . )) (Chicago, 2010)

video clips with voice-over text and images from Quiet ( . . . ( . . . )) (Chicago, 2010)