Distance = a camel caravan on a grain of rice

Karen Christopher & Mark Jeffery

Distance usually bears a sense of symmetry, in that the distance from A to B is interchangeable with the distance from B to A. What about the distance between my feet and my eyes, between your eyes and the back of my head, between my hand and those clouds, between the running race and the rock song, between the bump and the fall, between the bend and the sigh, your thoughts and your prayers? Somewhere between the iris and the retina everything is inverted and the distance is greater to get there than to come back.

Tech operator: Sean O’Connell
Recorded voice: Margaret Nelson

Performance History 

28 & 29 September 2007, the 19th Annual Rhinoceros Theater Festival, Athenaeum Studio Theatre, Chicago

1 & 2 December 2007, OPENPORT, Links Hall, Chicago