Always Already, an 8-hour performance installation by Karen Christopher & Tara Fatehi
, has been selected for the Horizon Showcase in Edinburgh, August 23 & 25, 2023. Horizon focuses on forging deep, sustainable relationships between artists making performance in England and international partners.

We want to share Always Already with audiences in Edinburgh, and use Horizon as a way to share our work with international presenters invited by Horizon to see work in Edinburgh.

Our international goals are for deeper and richer artistic and audience development. We want to be changed and challenged, and we want to share our own voices. Culturally based assumptions are questioned through working with people from other places and backgrounds. Working internationally is a vital way to crack open new ways of communicating with and absorbing the variousness of the world.

Image, from Always Already at Experimentica, Chapter, Cardiff. Photo: Kirsten McTernan.