Holding OPEN event at Chisenhale Dance Space

Holding OPEN
with Karen Christopher & Rajni Shah
writing, and a series of silences

Saturday January 16th 5-8pm
Chisenhale Dance Space (main space)
64-84 Chisenhale Road, London, E3 5QZ

This is an invitation.

This is an invitation to sit still and do nothing.
This is an invitation to a workshop.
This is an invitation to share silence.
This is an invitation to hear about a process.
This is an invitation to a performance.
This is an invitation to sit together, with intention.
This is an invitation to a kind of hovering.

This is an invitation to witness and be part of and hear about a private duet that Rajni Shah and Karen Christopher have been engaging in for the past 49 months. We would like to tell you about it, but the only way we can think of to do this is to invite you inside it.
There will be tea and cake.
Everyone is welcome. It is free of charge.
Please let us know in advance if you are coming.

Here is part of the introduction to the event:

We will gather. We will sit with intention. We will not engage in progress. We will hold still. Stasis, a kind of hovering to let moments catch up and slow down. Quiet the mind. We will be still and silent. We will not ry to breathe or organise thoughts, we will float we will not identify what is important we will not make decisions we will gently corral out thoughts back to zero when they begin to become productive. We are always trying—in this case we try not to try too hard, a gentle try.

A possibly activity: make a wish, write it down. make two more and write them.Choose one of them to focus on. Let a words associated with your wish standout—just one word. Write the word 3 times in three different ways. How does it appear before you? This word will help you focus back to neutral when you notice your mind has wandered. It is not neutral of course. But nothing is. So we will endow this word with the power of bringing us back to a beginning. the goal is not to progress but to stay at the beginning. Hover at the starting gate. Everything is still possible.

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Posted on Sunday, 17 January 2016 by Karen Christopher